Friday, February 26, 2010

it's the blue one

i am usually late. this has led me into many incidents.

one day i was getting ready for work and was very short on time.  i had recently run out of the product i use to make my hair so spectacular. i asked husband if he had any gel or anything.  "yes, in my drawer. it's the blue one."

i reach into the drawer and remove said blue one, dispense product into my hand and apply to my hair.

it is indeed the blue one. 

this is not standard hair gel with a blue tint.  it is i'm-trying-to-win-a-free-trip-to-the-superbowl-in-a-craziest-nfl-fan-because-i'm-such-a-huge-indianapolis-colts-fan-mohawk blue.

and it's not hair gel. it's hair glue.


"why didn't you tell me this was blue?!?"

"i said it was the blue one."

i needed to be at work 3 minutes ago.


i need to be at work 3 minutes ago.

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